Some of the conservation treatments that we carry out :

  • Dry cleaning to reduce superficial dirt
  • Washing to reduce acidity and to prepare the paper for further conservation.
  • De-acidification to combat acid deterioration, both present and future.
  • Mending of tears and brittle paper reinforcement by backing with museum-grade tissue.
  • Filling areas of paper loss with suitable papers.
  • Consolidation of flaking or insecure media and removal of mould.
  • Retouching areas of lost media.
  • Tape and stain reduction.
  • Storage and mounting.
  • Advice on old and new frames.

When a number of treatments are possible, those alternatives are discussed, as each venture is assessed individually. This is a bespoke service but there is usually more than one way to approach a project and we are always pleased to discuss a course of action best suited to your resources and the objects needs.

Some of the common causes that will damage paper are:

Physical Damage : Tears, Folds, Cockles, Dirt, Paper Losses, Water Staining.

Chemical damage: Inherent Acid degradation, Foxing, Moulds, Light Damage, Pollution, Poor Quality Storage and mounts.