Repair and retouching.

As the item came into the studio.


After dry cleaning, washing, deacidification and lining onto a micro chamber conservation paper with a mixture of wheat starch paste and methyl cellulose adhesives.


With sympathetic retouching using watercolour.


Mounted using conservation quality boards.


New Studio.

After 20 years of working from home I have finally moved to a Studio.

 2 Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3RJ

I am open every day between 10 and 2 apart from Sundays and Tuesdays (where you can find me at Bridport Old Books between 10 – 5).

If you would like an appointment outside those hours please email or phone a day in advance.



Reception and Gallery


I would like to thank everyone who has helped me especially John and Jos Pardoe and my wonderful family without whom I couldn’t have done it.  I am very lucky.

Conservation of a Watercolour 1934.

The object was stuck onto a backing board.  It had extensive skinning and loses.  Acidic discolouration and staining.  There was previous restoration and retouching.  Work included removing backing board,  blotter washing with bondina tissue for support.  It was deacidified and lined using micro chamber lining paper with a wheat starch and methyl-cellulose paste.  The combination of glues give strength and flexibility.  The loses were filled using appropriate repair papers.  The retouching was done with watercolours mixed with methyl-cellulose to hold their form.  It was then slot mounted onto a conservation board ready for mounting and framing.

The three pictures show before, during and finished.


.IMG_1556 IMG_1769 IMG_0266 IMG_1557 IMG_1771


Thank you everyone who has been looking at this site.  Brazil being the biggest hitter after the UK – thank you.  Do keep viewing as I hope soon to show some of my projects from start to finish with conservation tips and techniques.

After having celebrated fifteen years in business this January we though it was about time to update and relaunch the website.  So here it is!  Much thanks to for loads of help and new logo.